Great arch support

Toreza insoles will allow to enjoy daily tasks without feeling any pressure in shoes and on feet. The insoles bring ultimate comfort and help relieve tired feet. They are great for different shoe types and suitable for different occasions and activities.

Toreza inserts will allow to stay relaxed all day long. They are developed with practicality. Their task is to bring comfort, to relieve and prevent all types of foot conditions.

Forget about ache and discomfort with Toreza insoles.

Multiple uses

These insoles have multiple and versatile uses. They are great for daily use, different sports (like running, walking, jogging, hiking), and so much more. They reduce tension in the feet and help maintain correct posture. can use them for climbing, camping, and more. They are great for those who stand on their foot for prolonged periods of time.

Arch support

The insoles are designed to balance the force structure of the foot and they provide a convenient and extremely soothing solution for those with flat feet.


Superior material

Crafted from high- quality and durable material, these inserts make feet feel really comfortable inside every shoe.

Ultra- thin design

The insoles have a low profile ultra- thin design that ensures feet get the best care they deserve, no matter the shoe type.

Non- slip design

The insoles provide exceptional support for proper foot posture. They are specially designed to reduce ache and discomfort.

Ultimate design

The insoles have double- layer cushioning. They feature a durable foam base and variable cushioning technology which provide long- lasting comfort and soft support.

About our product

  • Deep heel cradle for stability

  • Anti-microbial top fabric

  • Ultra- thin design

  • Dual layer foam for more comfort

  • Bring relieve

  • Fit in different shoe types

Price: €23.99

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